Every restaurant needs reliable, high-quality linens to operate at its best. However, there aren’t many providers that can meet the high standards of the food service industry. There’s only one restaurant linen service in Belmar, NJ that you can trust:

Coast Linen Has the Best Restaurant Linen Service in Belmar!

Coast Linen has over 75 years of experience providing businesses throughout New Jersey with the highest quality restaurant linens in the industry. We offer:

Chef Uniforms Service

Coast Linen’s ergonomic chef uniforms are perfectly suited for your kitchen staff. They are made of breathable materials that keep your chefs comfortable in the hot kitchen. As with all of our linens, we maintain them ourselves to ensure they remain in tip-top shape!

Tablecloth Service

Sometimes all a table needs is some extra decor. Coast Linen offers a wide variety of tablecloths that help spruce up your dining area! We’ll work closely with you to meet your aesthetic needs and ensure your tables are always covered when you need them to be.

Napkin Services

Additionally, we offer high-quality napkins that help maintain cleanliness in your restaurant. They are comfortable to use and durable enough to withstand the worst possible customers.

Floor Mats Rental Service

On top of our restaurant linens, Coast Linen offers floor mats that help manage dust and other debris in your business. We custom tailor them to high-traffic areas in your facility and ensure they stand their ground against outside elements. 

Wedding and Banquet Linens

Regardless of the special event your facility is hosting, Coast Linen has the right table linens to make your clients’ day! Take a look at our sizing chart for more information.

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