Restaurant Linen Service with Professional Grade Materials

professional restaurant linen

The difference between professional restaurant linen and amateur likeness is easy for customers to see. For this reason, your professional restaurant linens must be high-quality.

But what does “high-quality restaurant linen” mean? More importantly, where do you get a restaurant linen service that meets these standards of quality linen?

What Makes Professional Restaurant Linen?

There are no objective standards for what defines “quality” when it comes to restaurant linens. There are, however, standard areas that should take prime consideration. Quality restaurant linens are a careful balance of good fabrics and excellent construction.

Here’s where to look for signs of good quality linens:


Appearance is especially important for front-of-the-house linens like tablecloths and napkins. They are, after all, what your customers see. One good sign of quality appearance is evenness in the stitches. There should be no visible loose threads in the edges, uneven seams, and no discoloration anywhere.


Texture affects the overall appearance of your linens. Your tablecloths should be smooth and even, with no snags in random places. They should also not be scratchy or rough, as these are tell-tale signs of the fabric being low quality.


Durability applies to both the dining room and kitchen linens. It’s what sets apart a good investment from a bad one. The durability of your linens defines how far your money can go. One prime standard for durability in commercial linens is their launderability. This gauges how well they can withstand the rigid, repeated laundering that restaurant linens require.

Color Uniformity

Solid colors should be solid and even throughout the entirety of the linens. Most of all, they should have no rips, holes, or any other visible damage. If they come with patterns and prints, the colors should also be solid and even. Finally, they should not be too thin that you can see through them.

When you know what to look for, the bigger question then follows: where do you get them?

How to Find Professional Restaurant Linen Service

A good place for high-quality, professional-grade restaurant linens is from a reputable linen service provider. Before you jump on the first search result you find, it is essential to know if you have the right service provider. Here are some tips to help in your selection process:

Check the Samples

To see is to believe, and that can’t be truer or more important in finding a good restaurant linen service provider. Request to see actual samples of the linens that they offer. Ask about their supplier and check for customer feedback on their products.

Learn About Their Reputation

What do former and current customers say about their service? What is their standing in the business bureaus? All these extra measures will make sure that you are putting your business’s needs in the hands of a company that’s not only capable but also trustworthy. 

Inquire About The Laundry Handling Process

Even the best, highest-quality restaurant linens can only go so far without good maintenance. That is why knowing how your linens are processed is essential in understanding the quality of your linens.

Get a Price Quote 

Armed with essential (aforementioned) information on your restaurant linen service, ask for a detailed price quote from your potential service providers. It should give you a good measure of how the kind of service and products weigh against the price at which they are offered.

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