Tablecloth Service in New Jersey

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Do you need a tablecloth rental for your New Jersey restaurant? Far too many restaurants have made the mistake of leaving their tables bare for “cleanliness” or atmosphere. Unfortunately, these moves tend to cost more customers than they bring in

Don’t let your restaurant fall to the same fate. Read on to learn why your restaurant needs tablecloths, and why you’re better off with tablecloth rental from Coast Linen.

Every Good New Jersey Restaurant Has Great Tablecloths

Restaurant tables need a good set of tablecloths for a variety of reasons:

Tablecloths Are Environmentally-Friendly

Tablecloths are your greenest solution against waste. Everyday operations at a restaurant yield tons of waste every year. A good chunk of this waste is in the form of paper towels and paper table covers. You can easily alleviate this issue by switching to a tablecloth rental in New Jersey from Coast Linen, where the laundry services are made more sustainable.

Tablecloths Are Classier Than Bare Tables

Even rustic table setups can look extra chic and classy with the right tablecloths! Bare tables are not only harder to dress up as they can easily bear the brunt of regular, heavy-duty use. They are also too informal looking. Tablecloths are the quick and easy solution for a table upgrade.

Tablecloths Are Better for Your Tables

From liquids to food stains to hot plates, restaurant tables left bare are exposed to a plethora of things that can ruin their natural appeal. And this, in turn, can leave them looking worn and torn, and in need of replacement before their time. Tablecloths add an essential layer of protection for your most important restaurant furnishing. This extends their lifespan, saving you hundreds of dollars in table maintenance and upgrades.

Tablecloths Are They Hygenic Option

Restaurant tables can be dirty. Hundreds of hands touch them on a daily basis. Phones, purses and every customer-owned knick-knack end up on it. To be able to clean that thoroughly between customers not only requires extraneous effort from your waitstaff. It is also time-consuming, therefore inefficient for table turnovers. Tablecloths help with that. Tablecloths filter most of the impurities that would have landed directly onto your tablecloths. This leaves fewer things for your waitstaff to clean. As a result, table turnover time cuts virtually in half.

The New Jersey Tablecloth Rental Service for Your Restaurant

Ready to make the switch to tablecloths? Make sure to get them only from the most trusted name in New Jersey restaurant linen service: Coast Linen.

 High-Quality Tablecloth Selection

Coast Linen is your number one supplier of the best tablecloths for restaurants in New Jersey. Our selections possess high-end appearance, durability, and overall composition. Their outstanding quality is the exact addition you need to elevate the look of your tables.

Safe and Secure Restaurant Laundry Service

With experience, expertise, and an impressive laundry facility, you get the assurance of clean linens with every delivery. With our proven efficiency and reliability, they will come on-time and accurately, every single time.

All The Linen Service Support You Need

Coast Linen’s nearly 50-year history is founded on the hard work and reliability of our support team. You can always trust that a Coast Linen rep will take care of your needs from pickup to delivery and back!

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