Coast Linen has been the foremost provider of restaurant linen services in Huntington, NY for over seventy years. Our dedication to supplying premium linens and outstanding customer service supports your business’s success. 

Premier Restaurant Linen Service in Huntington by Coast Linen 

At Coast Linen, we offer a diverse range of high-quality restaurant linens and textiles tailored to your specific needs. Our flexible delivery and service options ensure you always have access to superior linens when required. Explore our product offerings and services: 

Chef Uniforms Service 

In the high-pressure environment of the kitchen, chef uniforms need to be both durable and practical. Coast Linen caters to kitchen teams of all sizes in Huntington, providing high-quality, resilient uniforms designed for comfort and style. Our extensive offerings ensure your kitchen staff looks professional and feels comfortable throughout their shifts. 

Tablecloth Service 

Trust Coast Linen for elegant and durable tablecloths. Our carefully selected range guarantees a lasting impression on your guests, maintained through our exceptional laundering service. We offer these premium tablecloths at competitive prices, ensuring unparalleled restaurant linen service in Huntington. With Coast Linen, your dining establishment will always exude sophistication and style. 

Napkin Services 

Coast Linen provides a wide selection of napkins to enhance your dining experience. With a vast array of colors, shapes, and designs, our napkins are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a casual brunch or an upscale dinner, our napkins add an elegant touch to your table setting. Let us help elevate the ambiance of your next event! 

Floor Mats Rental Service 

Floor mats are essential for maintaining cleanliness and safety. Coast Linen offers dependable floor mat rental services, ensuring consistently clean floors and minimizing safety hazards. With our dedicated service, you can trust that your establishment’s floors remain pristine and secure at all times. 

Towel, Apron, and Mop Services 

Timely and reliable delivery of towels, aprons, and mops is crucial for restaurants to maintain cleanliness and efficiency. Our superior quality products can be customized to meet your specific needs. Coast Linen provides towel, apron, and mop services as part of our comprehensive restaurant service in Huntington. Partner with us to keep your restaurant running smoothly and hygienically. 

Wedding and Banquet Linen 

Transform your special events into unforgettable occasions with our stunning range of tablecloths, chair ties, and drapes. Coast Linen is dedicated to ensuring your venues are beautiful and your events leave a lasting impression on your guests. Let us help you create magical moments that will be cherished for years to come. 

Connect with Coast Linen! 

Opt for Coast Linen’s restaurant linen service for your Huntington restaurant. We offer unmatched reliability and cost-effective solutions for your needs. With a proven track record of success, let us handle your linen needs so you can focus on your business. To learn more about our restaurant linen service in Huntington, NY, contact us via our contact form or call 732-775-2000!