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Get the best solutions for your most pressing restaurant linen needs only from the most trusted linen service provider in Yonkers: Coast Linen Services!

Restaurant Linen Service

Coast Linen is the one-stop-shop for all your restaurant linen and apparel needs. With our rich industry experience and proven reliability, it is easy to see why restaurants across Yonkers trust Coast Linen for their most important supplies. We offer:

Chef Apparel

Coast Linen Services brings you the best of form and function in our chef apparel selections. Our chef uniforms are made of high-quality, wearable fabric, designed to boost ease of movement and comfort even during the most hectic of days in the kitchen. Contact us to check on availability!

Floor Mats

Nobody likes a dirty restaurant. Keep yours clean with dust control support from Coast Linen Services’ commercial floor mat rental service. We have a wide selection of commercial floor mats and a reliable mat maintenance service. You take care of the food service; your floors are on us!


Every meal is a celebration with high-quality table napkins from Coast Linen Services. Our selection is ideal for both your regular tables and dressed-up, special event tables. Our napkins come in a range of colors and patterns.


Dress up your tables with ease with top-notch tablecloth selections from Coast Linen Services. We offer a range of size and color options, ideal for regular and special dining occasions.

Towels, Aprons, and Mops 

Keeping your restaurant clean and presentable is made easier with the right restaurant linen service partner by your side. Coast Linen Services offers everything from towels and aprons to a selection of mops for impressive cleanliness.

Wedding and Banquet Linens 

Your clients deserve the best which is why when they’re getting married or going to a major banquet, they need linens from Coast Linen! Give them the clean, good-looking, and affordable tools they need to make their events special.

Reliability and Quality are In Our DNA

Our family-owned and -operated restaurant linen service in Yonkers is the source of our pride and joy – and for obvious reasons! We have worked hard day in and day out since the day we opened shop in 1945 to get to where we are today. Our evolution as an organization reflects our untiring commitment to excellence and customer service.

We strive, always, to bring you satisfaction because we want to earn your trust, and we just can’t help it! Quality service is in our DNA.

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