Finding the right provider of wedding and banquet linen, chef uniforms, towels, aprons, mops, napkins, floor mats, and tablecloths for your Wayne, PA restaurant can sound overwhelming. Coast Linen Services is here to help! 

Coast Linen Services has what your Wayne, Pennsylvania restaurant needs. Be it new chef uniforms, tablecloths, or floor mats, with Coast Linen Services, you’ll always be satisfied. 

What Coast Linen Has to Offer 

With over 70 years of experience in the linen service industry, we know what it takes to succeed. There are many factors, but the most powerful is customer satisfaction. As a linen rental company, we rely on return business. We rely on your positive experience with our service. And we know that you, too, rely on us.  

If you don’t have quality linens and uniforms when you need them, business suffers. Employees look disheveled, tables go bare, towel supply gets dangerously low, and none of that leaves a good impression. Here’s what we have to offer:

Chef Apparel

Coast Linen helps speed things up in the kitchen by giving your chef’s and cook staff the linen and apparel they need to succeed!


We specifically tailor our napkins to our clients’ exact specifications so your restaurant’s unique aesthetic can wow your customers into coming back for more.


Our tablecloths are perfect tools for sprucing up your dining area and containing messes for easy cleaning in between customers.

Towels, Aprons, and Mops

We provide durable towels that stand up to repeated use, ergonomic aprons that are comfortable to wear for extended periods, and mops absorbent enough to clean any mess!

Floor Mats

Our floor mats keep outside elements from tracking into your facility with strong, durable bristles. They can be customized to fit any location and display any logo is right for your business!

Wedding and Banquet Linen

Weddings and banquets are major events. If your clients trusted you to host something so important to them, then provide them Coast Linen’s finest wedding and banquet linen to make that special day even better!

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Opt-out of the cat and mouse with your current linen provider. Go with a linen service provider who will be there when you need it. Go with Coast Linen. Give us a call at 732-775-2000, or check out our website. Don’t forget to ask about a free quote!

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