Mops that Actually Get the Job Done

If your business has hard floors, there’s no doubt that you need mops. But not just any mop will give your floors that spotless sparkle that customers are looking for. Search no further for the best quality mop than Coast Linen Services! Our mops are highly absorbent, lifting dirt, grime and stains from the scene.

Does your current cleaning routine take too long? It might be because of the products you are using. How many times do you have to wipe over the same spot until the mark goes away? Get rid of that mop that takes up all your time and get your mops from Coast Linen!

You won’t find a mop in your area as good as what Coast Linen has to offer. From tile to stone to hardwood, our mops have the best absorbency for any hard floor type. With your Coast Linen mops, you’ll impress even the most skeptical restaurant customer.

Customer Service to Ensure Your Needs are Met

Being in the linen, uniform and mop rental industry doesn’t mean just providing a top-notch product that will wow the customer. It means developing a partnership with each and every business we work with. It’s not about one mop fitting all – it’s about caring for each individual business and making sure that our mops are doing the job they’re supposed to do. This is why we pride ourselves not just on our absorbent mops but on the quality of service that we provide for each and every business we work with.

And not only do we provide mops, but we provide chef uniforms, tablecloth rentals, napkin services, floor mats, towels and aprons! That way you can get everything you need delivered to you when you need it.

Call Us For a Free Consultation or Quote!

Whether you’ve already made up your mind that our mops are the perfect match, or you’d like to inquire more about our services, feel free to give us a call! Our representatives will be happy to speak with you. Just call 732-775-2000.

When you call, you’ll learn about how our services work, how much the service you are looking for will cost, and how to get started. You’re just one call away from enhancing the professionalism of your business today!