Acquiring linens may seem like just another task to tick off your to-do list. But they can really be so much more for your business. At Coast Linen, we offer high-quality restaurant linen services in Queens that can help elevate the look of your restaurant and make your employees’ jobs easier. This can result in happy customers, productive and enthusiastic workers, freed-up time for you because you won’t have to worry about linen maintenance, and more money making its way into your business!

Coast Linen Service is your reliable source for linen services in Queens, and best of all, we specialize specifically in the food service industry. That means that we know the ins and outs of your business’s particular needs, giving you what you need, when you need it, how you need it, all with a smile on our faces. Helping our local Queens restaurants achieve success by providing quality supplies and services is our passion. From meeting front-of-the-house needs to back-of-the-house needs, we have it all. Check out the restaurant linen services in Queens that we offer below!

Chef Apparel

When it comes to the appearance of your kitchen staff, customers take it very seriously. And they have valid reason to – a uniform covered in food stains doesn’t quite give confidence in a safe meal. But looks also aren’t everything. Your staff needs to be comfortable while they work, or else you risk a drop in their productivity. We’ve taken all of this into consideration which is why with Coast Linen, you can get comfortable, durable, and clean uniforms for those hard-working chefs in your kitchen.


Not only are paper napkins wasteful to the environment, but they also aren’t very impressive. When diners choose to go out to eat, they are often looking for a quality dining experience. The little details such as if you take the time to fold an elegant napkin or wrap their silverware, tells them a lot about whether or not they should return to you next time they’re looking to celebrate an occasion or simply dine with friends and family. Impress them right off the bat with napkins from Coast Linen.


If you’re looking to step it up even more, choosing to cover your tables with fresh, clean tablecloths can show your customers that you’ve taken the time to make their experience better. At Coast Linen, we offer a wide variety of tablecloth selections so that you can find precisely what your business needs.

Towels, Aprons and Mops

Behind the scenes, it’s more than just acquiring supplies for display to customers. It’s also about the maintenance of your restaurant. A quality tablecloth and napkin means nothing if the rest of the restaurant is covered in grease, grime and spills. That’s why we’ve made it so you can acquire almost all of the supplies you need to elevate your business’s looks from one source – Coast Linen, including important items like towels, aprons and mops.

Floor Mats

While you’re busy cleaning up spills, and we’re laundering linens, there’s still the inevitable that can happen – dirt making its way back onto your floors and slip-and-fall accidents. These issues are preventable and one simple item can help you reduce your risks: floor mats. At Coast Linen, we offer floor mats that we’ll maintain for you and will look great at your business’s entrance.

Coast Linen Services is a reliable specialty linen provider that can give you the confidence you need to run a successful Queens restaurant. Wait no longer – get started with the linen services in Queens that will make you, your employees and your customers happy.

To learn more about our services, contact us today at 732-775-2000 and get your free quote!