How clean are your linens? In the restaurant business, hygiene is just as important as the quality of the food you serve – and this fact remains true across every element of your restaurant business – including linens! For the best and cleanest linen services in Staten Island, there’s only one name you can trust: Coast Linen Services.

Coast Linen is a linen service company that specializes in the care and maintenance of restaurant linens. On top of our top-notch cleaning technology and results, we pride ourselves on the quality and variety of restaurant linen products.

Choose from our selection of restaurant linens and facility service products designed for the food industry:

Chef Apparel

Coast Linen is your number one source of high-quality professional chef apparel. Our professional chef uniforms are designed for the hardest-working restaurant professionals, combining topnotch wearer comfort and durability to withstand the heat and stress of the job.


Coast Linen has a wide range of high-quality napkins designed for commercial use. Our napkins come in a range of colors and sizes to suit your restaurant’s existing aesthetics.

Wedding and Banquet Linen

Your guests deserve the best when it comes to wedding and banquet linen. That’s why Coast Linen is the perfect partner for providing the tools to make these special occasions go well.


Don’t leave your tables looking bland and ugly with poor-quality tablecloths! Choose the tablecloths that will bring you the quality and appearance that your restaurant deserves. Coast Linen’s selection of tablecloths comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes so you can rest assured that we have the best one for your restaurant!

Towels, Aprons, and Mops

Coast Linen offers the most complete linen services on Staten Island. We don’t just offer linen rentals and uniforms: we also offer the best and most complete list of restaurant maintenance items including towels, aprons, and mops.

Floor Mats

Keep your floors looking clean and protected from wear and tear with Coast Linen’s range of floor matting options designed specifically for your restaurant’s needs!

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