How Coast Linen Helps Restaurants Through Winter

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, restaurants begin to struggle. Many problems arise during this low season that either aren’t there or are significantly less troublesome during warmer months. Our service, Coast Linen helps restaurants through winter. In order to showcase how, let’s first take a look at the problems that need fixing this time of year.

Common Winter Challenges for Restaurants

Out of the many issues that arise for restaurants in the winter, there are three that are the most common and damaging to business. 

Dirtier Floors

As snow falls, the floor becomes wetter. This is true both inside and outside restaurants since customers often track in the outdoors on their shoes and boots. The mix of snow, ice, dirt, and road salt is often an unpleasant-looking brown mud that wreaks havoc on restaurants. Slip-and-fall accidents and cracked floors in need of expensive repairs are far more common during this time of year. 

Flu Season

The colder and more hazardous weather conditions mean that people tend to congregate indoors more closely and for longer periods of time. Viruses also tend to survive better in colder, less humid environments. These conditions lead to an increased risk of illnesses spreading. 

Unstable Budgets

Sickness and floor-related costs aren’t the only reasons this is an unstable time for restaurants. There are fewer customers due to bad, cold weather acting as a deterrent to making the trip out to eat. Money loss doesn’t stop there, however. The heating bill skyrockets, seasonal depression causes a dip in staff productivity, and extreme weather even causes supply shortages.

Here’s How Coast Linen Helps Restaurants Through Winter

With over 75 years of experience servicing businesses in New Jersey and New York, we know how to help restaurants combat the winter. Here’s how we do it:

  • Mats and Mops. Coast Linen’s mats are your first line of defense against outside elements. We make them with thick, durable bristles that scrape off mud and grime from boots and shoes. They are customizable for any location but, for more precise cleaning, you need our mops. They are absorbent enough to efficiently clean messes instead of just pushing them around like standard mops. 
  • Facility Service. The best way to combat illness in your facility is to sanitize it properly. We provide the tools needed to effectively kill germs and freshen up your restaurant!
  • Sustainability. The last thing restaurants need to worry about when considering winter budgets is stock maintenance. Our linens are reusable and well-maintained in our commercial laundry facilities which saves money and ensures reliable stock. We also provide comfortable uniforms that boost worker productivity and curb losses. 

Contact Coast Linen Today!

That’s how Coast Linen helps restaurants through winter. Without our mats, mops, facility service, and sustainable practices, restaurants suffer through unnecessary hardship during low seasons. Start today by calling us at (732) 775-2000 or by filling out this form and we’ll protect your restaurant from the winter!

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