The Different Types of Linens You Need for Different Types of Restaurants

No matter what kind of restaurant you’re running, you need the basics on hand: towels, mats and mops. But after that, it can get kind of tricky to figure out the different types of linens your restaurant needs.

If you run a fast-casual eatery, does your kitchen staff really need the formal white kitchen uniforms? And if you’re going for a more upscale but still laid-back look, should you invest in tablecloths?

Here are the different types of restaurants and the different types of linens you’ll need for each one. Where does your restaurant fall on the list?

1. Cafes/Bistros

Cafe and bistro-style restaurants tend to have a fairly laid-back feel. They offer a limited range of menu items like pastries and sandwiches and there’s no table service.

For this restaurant, you’ll need all of the standard items like towels, mats and mops, as well as aprons for your staff. If you’re looking to elevate your cafe or bistro atmosphere, consider offering cloth napkins.

2. Fine Dining

A real fine dining experience is about more than just the food. It’s about the performance, which is why you need to invest in just about everything when it comes to your restaurant linen and apparel. As a restaurant owner or manager of a fine dining establishment, you’re in charge of maintaining an ambiance of luxury and indulgence.

To create a fine dining atmosphere, you’ll need traditional chef and kitchen uniforms, aprons, and luxurious tablecloths and napkins, along with towels, mats and mops.

3. Casual Dining

A casual dining restaurant (think chains like Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse and Chili’s) serves family-friendly meals with a wide range of options and the convenience of table service. In a casual dining restaurant, you definitely want your guests to feel like they’re enjoying something special without making them feel like they’re breaking the bank.

You’ll need aprons, chef and kitchen uniforms, and napkins, in addition to the necessary towels, mats and mops to keep your restaurant clean. If you want to take your casual dining restaurant a step further, invest in some tablecloths.

4. Fast-Casual Dining

Fast-casual dining options, like Chipotle and Panera, have secured a popular place among the different types of restaurants. Like cafe and bistro dining, these restaurants have a laid-back vibe.

For this restaurant, you’ll need all of the standard items like towels, mats and mops, as well as aprons for your staff. If you’re looking to make your fast-casual dining feel a little less casual, consider offering cloth napkins to your guests.

5. Fast Food

You might think that fast food restaurants don’t need linens, but they do. Just like other restaurants, they need to be kept clean and their staff needs to look somewhat professional.

For your fast food restaurant, you’ll need aprons, mats, mops and towels.

We Provide Different Types of Linens for All Kinds of Restaurants

Was your restaurant on this list? What kinds of linens are you looking for?

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