How Much Does Napkin Quality Matter to Restaurant Customers?

does napkin quality matter

Does napkin quality really matter in a restaurant setting? Patrons go to a restaurant for the great food, experience, and atmosphere, but that’s not all. At a certain level, small differences in restaurants influence whether return patrons dine at one or their competitor’s. Providing exceptional everything, including the napkins, is essential to staying top-of-mind. As such, it’s essential that restaurants provide high-quality, always clean napkins. 

What Restaurant Napkin Quality Signals to Customers

Before looking for a reputable provider, it’s important to understand why napkin quality matters to your customers. Clean, quality napkins will suggest to customers that a restaurant:

Proactively Protects Patrons

Cleanliness is always important but this is especially the case in today’s world. Using the right napkins and maintaining their cleanliness is the key to preventing germs or contagions from spreading in your restaurant. After all, customers clean their hands and mouths with napkins which by itself makes them an easy way for harmful bacteria to spread. Clean napkins go a long way toward a clean establishment. This keeps health inspectors and regulators happy and, as a direct result, customers are less likely to question the safety of your establishment.

Is Concerned With Clean Presentation

Aside from preventing the spread of germs, the right napkins will make your facility appear cleaner as well. The lack of rips, tears, and stains mixed with a solid aesthetic translates into a clean image. Customers will take notice of that and are more likely to trust your restaurant, providing much-needed repeat business.

Gives Every Detail Attention

On top of keeping old customers around thanks to cleanliness and image, quality napkins attract new customers as well! As more and more customers stick around and your business grows, word of mouth spreads. This means more people are willing to try your restaurant since it is more established as trustworthy. 

Maintain a High Level of Napkin Quality with Help from Coast Linen!

Since 1945, Coast Linen has remained the leading provider of restaurant linens throughout New York and New Jersey. Our napkin rental service ensures:

  • Reliable Quality Assurance. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, you can trust that the products you buy from Coast Linen are of top-notch quality. We exhaustively test everything to ensure that it meets the food service industry’s highest standards as well as our clients’ specific needs.
  • Proper Napkin Maintenance. Coast Linen cleans and maintains every item ourselves in our state-of-the-art commercial laundry facilities. We launder away every stain or contagion while repairing all rips and tears so your napkins are as good as new!
  • You Always Have the Napkins You Need. Additionally, we take care of inventory management for you. Our dedicated route service reps will monitor your stock and make sure that you always have the right amount of napkins.

Contact Coast Linen Today!

Get the restaurant napkins you need from Coast Linen and show your customers that you are a business worth coming back to! Call us at 1-732-775-2000 to talk to a customer service rep who will walk you through your options. Have further questions or are interested in a free quote? Click here!

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