How a Commercial Laundry Service Saves You Money

commercial laundry

If your hotel or restaurant isn’t working with a quality commercial laundry service, you’re missing out on a money-saving opportunity. The right commercial laundry service for your restaurant saves money, time, and frustration. 

Here’s how:

A Commercial Laundry Service is More Cost Effective Than In-House

If you’re doing your own laundry, you know it’s expensive, and that’s probably not even everything! Anyone trying to calculate the total costs will run into a lot of grey areas. Things like machines, maintenance, utility use, chemical agents, and labor are clear expenses, but what about the quieter costs? 

Here are some silent expenses:

Space Usage

The space needed to house an in-house laundry system is another expense that’s hard to account for. For a business, sizable machines are needed to handle the volume and more space is needed for storage of linens (clean and dirty). Those rooms could be put to other, more profitable or attractive uses. A restaurant could convert that space into a private dining room or a spill-over room if things get too busy.  


Not just anybody can walk in and do the important work of cleaning your business’s linens. Proper laundry procedures involve precise measurements, monitoring, and maintenance to keep things running smoothly. That means time finding the right person, having the right people available to train, and time spent training. Not only does this add to overhead, but it also adds to your frustrations as well. 

Volume Limitations

Without industrial machinery available, your laundry staff’s capabilities are hampered. If there’s a rush of business and the linen supply gets low, that puts the pressure on your laundry staff. 

They might have to work late just to take materials from one machine to another and fold them when they’re done. At a minimum, you’ll have to pay for extra labor. If luck isn’t on your side and the machines break down, that’s emergency repairs or last-minute launderer fees. 

A Commercial Laundry Service Saves Time 

Think of all the time that goes into your in-house laundry operation. It’s more than gathering, washing, drying, and folding. There’s the time spent training people, maintaining and fixing machines, purchasing chemicals and other materials, and monitoring the linens. Getting caught up in the routine of self-laundry service is easy, but you miss some important details. 

Stained or damaged linens don’t look good. Stained or damaged napkins or tablecloths are likely to foster unfortunate associations with your restaurant. Unless an experienced and careful eye is monitoring them, mistakes are bound to happen. That’s why you need a proven, customer-focused, and results-oriented company to handle your linens for you. 

Coast Linen is Your Linen Management Partner

When you choose Coast Linen to manage your linens or rent them through, you’re choosing more than just a launderer. Coast Linen will be your reliable business partner. It’s in our best interest to serve your best interests in every capacity. At minimum, that means assuring and delivering the highest quality linens for your restaurant. We provide timeliness, quality, and reliability in one friendly package. 

To open your doors tomorrow to a cost-effective and time-saving future, free of the constraints of an in-house laundry, call Coast Linen today. Contact us at (732) 775-2000, or visit our website. Don’t forget to ask about a free quote


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