It’s All About Hue: How the Right Restaurant Linen Colors Could Make Your Customers Hungrier

Restaurant linen colors aren’t exactly the first thing on your mind. But they could be the key to cracking your customers’ wallets.

There’s nothing worse than seating a large party of guests at your restaurant who only want a couple cheap salads and an appetizer to share. They spend an hour at the table and you’ve only made a minimal amount of money. But what can you do?

Changing the color of your restaurant linen could be the answer. There’s a ton of research to support the link between color and hunger. By focusing on the right colors in your restaurant, you could stimulate your guests’ appetites and potentially affect the amount of food that they order.

Here’s our comprehensive color guide:

There’s a reason why so many fast food logos are red and yellow – think McDonald’s, Burger King, and Arby’s. Red tends to increase salivation, increasing appetite in the process. It’s possible that this happens because we associate red foods with ripeness and sweetness.

Yellow is a happy color, promoting positivity and warmth. It’s the color of optimism, and it may just put your guests in a good enough mood to splurge.

Green is associated with healthy foods, like vegetables. Green is also a food color found throughout nature. So, if your guests associate your menu with health, this color gives them the green light to add a few more items to their bill.

If your customers are stressed out, blue might help relax them. Blue is known as a calming, peaceful color, reminiscent of the sky and the ocean. Maybe after seeing all the blue in your restaurant, they’ll be relaxed enough to spend a little more.

Interested in coloring up your restaurant linen?

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