Tips for Improving Restaurant Appearance

When it comes to dining, food may be the star of the show, but it doesn’t determine a customer’s first impression. The appearance of your restaurant is not merely a matter of aesthetics. It sets the tone for the dining experience.

We eat first with our eyes, after all. If your restaurant is looking less than stellar, you’re looking at losing customers and should focus on improving your restaurant’s appearance.

Professional Tips for Improving Restaurant Appearance

The good news is: you don’t need to do an expensive overhaul to make your restaurant look better. There are a few areas in your business space that you can focus on for some improvements. Here are some of them:

Curbside and Frontage

Restaurant interiors get all the attention but your business’ exteriors matter just as much. It’s estimated that curb appeal accounts for 70% of first-time sales. This is the ultimate first stage of the first impression that your business is going to make.

Improving your restaurant’s curbside appeal means keeping it clean, visible, and attractive. This means keeping your plants alive, the pavement regularly pressure-washed, and litter-free. You should also make your signs visible and on-brand.

Tables and Chairs

Cleanliness is, clearly and without a doubt, the most important thing about improving the appearance of your restaurant furniture. Make sure there are no food leftovers and stains. A good way to keep your tables looking clean for each diner is using tablecloths

  • Tablecloths are your handiest tool to spruce and brighten up any table. 
  • They can more easily contain spills and thus prevent any staining. It’s an added bonus that they are easy to remove and replace after every diner.

Frequent use of your furniture like rips on the seats or permanent stains are also eyesores. You should immediately address any visible signs of damage on your tables and chairs.


Visibly dirty floors can cost you more business than you think they do, especially return sales. In fact, one survey shows that 68% of diners find dirty floors reason enough not to return to a restaurant. Add to it the fact that floors take up half of what people immediately see, it’s easy to see why they are so crucial to your restaurant’s appearance.

To keep your floors clean, you need more than just an employee who is quick with the floor mop. You’ll also need to up your defenses against tracked in dirt and mud. And the right commercial floor mats are some of your handiest tools in keeping your floors cleaner for longer.


Your restroom upkeep also plays a role in the appearance of your restaurant. Your toilets should be spotless everywhere – from the floors to the walls to the sinks. Make sure to treat fixtures every so often to avoid unsightly water stains and calcium buildup. The floors should also be dry. Wet floors are a hotbed for pathogens and slip-and-fall accidents.

It would also help if your restrooms are fully stocked with all the essentials.

Need Help with Improving Your Restaurant’s Appearance?

Coast Linen Service can help! We have some services designed to help make your business look better and for little to no effort on your end. Give us a call today at 732-775-2000 to speak with a rep about your options and how we can help. You can also reach out to us here for a free quote!

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