What Mismanaged Linen Service Can Do To Your Restaurant

Mismanaged linen can be disastrous for any restaurant. Whether its the quality of linens provided, the lack of proper cleaning and maintenance, or both, a bad linen service affects many parts of a restaurant. 

How Mismanaged Linen Affect Restaurant Operations

Any number of factors that come with mismanaged restaurant linen can affect operations in a restaurant. Here are some of the most problematic issues: 

Rips and Tears

Mismanaged linen will oftentimes fall apart incredibly easily. It’s usually very old and worn which is not safe for wearers. In many food & service jobs, uniforms are there for safety and cleanliness. Both aspects are paramount to success in today’s competitive environment. However, neither is possible with poor-quality, tattered material. To top it all off, it looks unprofessional.

Coast Linen supplies only the most durable material. Heavy testing of materials prior to distributing them to our clients ensures they’ll stand up to the rigors of any work environment. We maintain that durability through our commercial laundry service. Any and all linens that don’t meet our standards are repaired or replaced as necessary at no additional cost. 

Lack of Stock

With rips and tears common in mismanaged linen stock, there are often shortages. No stock means that employees either can’t do their jobs well or can’t work at all. Service is not always possible in a restaurant when there are no sanitary means of cleaning tables and kitchens. This will cause restaurants’ businesses to suffer. 

With Coast Linen, there will never be a lack of stock. Our sophisticated tracking technology will ensure nothing gets by our notice that hasn’t been properly cleaned or mended. There are no late deliveries and there is constant access to our customer specialists to help with anything that may come up. Our products are indefinitely reusable which means that we are even immune to supply chain disruptions. 

Employee Dissatisfaction

Poorly managed uniforms are often uncomfortable for employees to wear. Worker productivity and performance rates often suffer when they feel neglected by employers. Additionally, a study from the University of Chicago found that uniforms that don’t account for such scenarios as hot environments lead to increased absenteeism. For every degree increase in average temperature so too does the probability of absent workers increase by up to 5%. 

Coast Linen thinks only of wearers when we design uniforms. All of our products are made to be comfortable so that employees look forward to wearing them. It shows that employers care for them which makes them care more about what they do. This drastically increases their performance and attendance levels and only helps business. 

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