What to Look for in Your Restaurant Aprons

restaurant aprons

Finding the right restaurant aprons can be simple or difficult. The following guide will highlight apron qualities and details to keep in mind during your search. 

Though the primary function of the apron has always been keeping the clothing and person underneath protected from the activities taking place in front of them, there are many other considerations when looking for restaurant aprons.


From the highest-end bistro to the deepest hole in wall, every eatery has some kind of thought behind its formation. Even the most no-frills restaurant has a style, theme, or color pallet that distinguishes it. The aprons you order should reflect that. Look for an apron provider that has a variety of colors and styles to choose from to match your business’s aesthetic. 


A well-designed apron can make the difference between a good and a bad shift. No pockets? Your servers will be carrying their pad, pens, tips and customer credit cards in their hands or pants pockets. That’s not only unprofessional, it’s a recipe for disaster. 

Similarly, a poorly designed chef apron will bring hazard into the last place that needs it. A loose string that gets caught on a ladle is all that it takes for three hours of work to come crashing onto the floor and into every possible crevice. 


Apron quality goes a long way in distinguishing your workers. Cheap material is spotted a mile away and can insinuate a cheapness in other aspects of restaurant management. Also, cheap material will make your employees uncomfortable and diminish the pride that they take from their work. 

An important part of feeling good is looking good, and that’s hard to do when stains of a shift pile up without resistance from quality materials and frays from the body bib start tickling your neck. 


Bartenders, servers, and dishwashers all have specialized aprons that aid them in their duties. Having not only a variety, but the right variety, is essential for a smoothly run operation.


An absolute and frequent necessity in the restaurant business is washing, drying, and folding the clothes needed for the next shift. Unless you’re prepared to take a mountain of dirty aprons and linens to the laundromat for several hours of restless contemplation, you’ll need somebody to take care of that for you. 

Coast Linen Services can be that liberator. We’ll provide the aprons of your choice of style, color, and quality for every worker in your restaurant. Additionally, we’ll come to you, take away the used aprons, linens, towels, floor mats, and replace them with a freshly laundered supply.  

Lean on experts in the industry and make your linen worries a problem of the past. 

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A good apron is a source of pride and comfort. Its donning represents a powerful transformation into an industry professional. Give your employees every reason to fulfill that transformation. Provide Coast Linen Service’s products for their betterment and your convenience. Call (732)775-2000 today and get top-notch aprons, linens, and towels.

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