This is How to Get Grease Stains Out of Tablecloths

how to get grease stains out of tablecloths

Restaurant owners deal with the good, the bad and the ugly. You knew this when you signed up for the job. You knew about those messy customers.


But you also knew the rewarding feeling of seeing your customers smiling, laughing, enjoying their food, and just having a wonderful time. But you’re still wondering if there is anything you can do about those messy customers! They keep leaving your restaurant with grease stains all over your tablecloths. Simply washing the linens isn’t good enough, and none of the stain-fighting detergents seem to work!  


Before we get into tablecloth care and provide you with the magic tips to end your grease stain frustration, let’s first go over what exactly a grease stain is and why it’s so hard to get out! The difference between grease stains and other stains you’ve likely dealt with such as wine stains is that grease stains are oil-based whereas a wine stain is water soluble.


Oil simply is not water soluble. So when your customers spill fatty foods such as gravy, butter, or, well, oil, on your tablecloths, water is not going to pick the grease up off the fabric.

Even if you are able to remove the stain yourself, that doesn’t mean the grease is no longer there.


Have you noticed yellow circles starting to show up on your tablecloths? Those aren’t new. Those are showing up from grease that has already been there for quite awhile. Gross, right?


So it’s essential to know how to get grease stains out of tablecloths. Otherwise, you’ll serve food to customers on nasty-looking linens or have to throw out your tablecloths and purchase new ones quite often.


Your first thought may be to just get rid of your tablecloths altogether. But don’t give up on tablecloths just yet. They provide a great ambiance for your restaurant and are more comfortable than the hard surface of a wood, metal or glass table. So before you nix tablecloths from your lineup of restaurant linens, consider these following tips on how to get grease stains out of tablecloths:

1. Act right away.


The longer you let the stain set, the harder it is going to be to remove. Between customers, change out your tablecloths and follow these next steps to immediately get out any potential stains.

2. Remove any food particles.


When picking off any remnants of food, make sure that you don’t smudge any into the tablecloth, causing worse staining.


3. Apply powder to the stain.


Powder’s magic absorbing powers should help pick up some of that oil stain. You can use powders from around the kitchen such as baking soda, flour or cornstarch. Apply the powder generously and let sit for one hour.


4. Brush off powder.


This is self-explanatory.


5. Soak


Fill up a bucket with warm to hot water and dish liquid. Fill the bucket with an appropriate temperature of water based on the type of tablecloth you are washing. Add in dish liquid and let your tablecloth soak in this solution for one hour.


6. Rinse.


Simply rinse the dish liquid out of the tablecloth.


7. Have your tablecloths professionally cleaned.


We hope we’ve helped you figure out how to get grease stains out of tablecloths, but the truth is that these suggestions are only short-term solutions. While you have taken the initial steps to immediately get out the stain, it is important to leave the laundering process to professionals. By hiring a professional laundry and linen company that specializes in restaurants, you can trust that your linens will always come back looking brand as new.

We’ll get out those nasty grease stains and remaining dirt and oil. When you work with Coast Linen, your customers will always eat off of nice, clean and beautiful tablecloths. Contact us today at 732-775-2000 for a free quote on our linen and laundry services. Our eye for detail will give you dazzling tablecloths each and every time.

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