Don’t waste time and money on mediocre linen service. Your restaurant deserves the best! And Coast Linen Service is the most dependable restaurant linen service in Morristown, NJ.

Products Offered for Linen Service in Morristown, New Jersey

Coast Linen Service has a complete array of products for your restaurant’s linen needs:

Chef Apparel

Give your kitchen staff the chance to look and feel their best while at work with top-notch chef apparel. Our products are designed to keep your workers comfortable through the kitchen heat. They are also extra durable to protect against wear and tear.


Give your tables the classy upgrade they deserve. Give them a touch of high-quality table napkins from Coast Linen. Our napkins are as durable as they are classy, and our laundry service makes sure they’re always clean. Contact us to check on availability!


Tablecloths will upgrade your aesthetics and hygiene.  At Coast Linen, we do not just provide high-quality products to choose from. We also offer a top-notch laundry and maintenance service that keeps your linens in their most impressive shape. We have a range of options to choose from so you can trust there’s one to suit your restaurant’s aesthetics.

Towels, Aprons, and Mops 

Coast Linen is your one-stop shop for all your restaurant linens. We ensure they are all of the highest quality – from the simplest towels to customized aprons. We also provide mop rental service to help with your cleaning needs.

Floor Mats

Keep your floors clean, safe, and top-notch with floor mat service from Coast Linen! We offer durable entrance mats and custom logo mat rental service. We provide efficient and effective maintenance services for your satisfaction and convenience.

Wedding and Banquet Linens

Give your clients the wedding and banquet linens they need to make their special day go right! Coast Linen has the products you need!

Our Brand is Reliability

Coast Linen Service is all about reliability. We make sure that everything works for you, suits your needs, and meets your expectations. We deliver everything as excellently and efficiently as possible to avoid delays, prevent shortages, and protect you against losses. And we do all this so you can rest easy, knowing that your needs are cared for. That way, you can give your all where it’s needed. Where it matters.

For linen service in Morristown, NJ and more, trust only Coast Linen! Call us at (732) 775-2000 to get started or to learn more about our services.


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