Linen Services in Princeton

Your business deserves better linens! So why are you still settling for the ordinary and the low-quality? 

For your Princeton restaurant linen services, there is only one name that gives you the bigger, better, more outstanding results for all of your commercial linen and uniform needs: Coast Linen!

Coast Linen is the leader in New Jersey commercial linens and apparel, and we have a comprehensive range of linen and uniform services for different businesses across a variety of industries.

We offer:

Chef Apparel

Stand out in cleanliness and appearance with high-quality chef apparel from Coast Linen! Designed to take the heat of the restaurant kitchen, these chef uniforms are lightweight and breathable.

These uniforms are made to move with the hardest working people in the kitchen, no matter how long, how busy, or how tiring their shifts may be. 


Your choice of table napkins can make or break your table aesthetics and customer satisfaction. Make a great choice every time with our exquisite selection of table napkins. 

Our napkins are made of high-quality materials that push your restaurant’s appeal several notches higher. All of our napkins are clean and safe for use in the food service industry. They also come in a wide range of colors to suit your restaurant’s needs.


Bare tables are overrated. Therefore, consider upgrading your tables today with Coast Linen tablecloths! Our tablecloths come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to perfectly suit your restaurant’s distinctive style.

Wedding and Banquet Linen

Your clients have put their faith in you to make their weddings and banquets special and you can deliver with access to Coast Linen’s premium selection of linen products!

Towels, Aprons, and Mops

Even the smallest things can make a large impact if they come in the right quality. For towels, aprons, mops, and anything else you might need to maintain your restaurant, Coast Linen has you covered!

Furthermore, we have a wide assortment of specialty products that are made for the specific needs of the restaurant business. 

Floor Mats

Floor safety and maintenance shouldn’t have to be a struggle due to constant cleaning and restocking. You just need the right floor mats for the job – and Coast Linen has got them all! 

Coast Linen provides top-of-the-line floor matting solutions for Princeton businesses. We have different types of floor mats to address your business’ diverse needs. Additionally, our mats come in the reliable quality that Coast Linen is best known for.

Count on Coast Linen for Your Princeton Business Today!

Your choice of linens matters. Get the best linen and uniform service in Princeton, NJ. Above all, Coast Linen stands for quality! 

Contact Coast Linen today and receive a free quote at 732-775-2000.


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