Finding the right restaurant supplier in Vineland, NJ shouldn’t be difficult. With the quality restaurants and cafes in Vineland, the right supplier should be right around the corner. If you’re looking for the ideal supplier for your restaurant, look no further than Coast Linen Services. We have the inventory, service, and professional attention to detail to make finding restaurant linen services in Vineland easy.

70 Years Of Unflinching, Local Service

We’ve been serving the restaurant needs of Vineland, New Jersey and the surrounding area since 1945. That means we not only run a tight operation but that we know what you need to stay competitive.

Quality is a necessity to make your customers and employees feel at home. If you see a shortcoming in the uniform, tablecloth, napkin, mat, towel, apron, or mop department, we can get you up to speed. 

Services Offered by Coast Linen Services

Coast Linen Service is ready to supply your restaurant with any linen, uniform, or floor care supply need. We have: 

Chef Uniforms

Top-of-the-line, brand-name chef uniforms are never far from your doorstep through Coast Linen Services. Always clean and ready to go, our chef uniforms will keep your chefs happy and looking good. 

Tablecloth Rentals

Don’t invest big bucks on expensive tablecloths only to have them stained by your diners. Let us handle the stress of stains and damage with our first-rate tablecloth rental services.

Wedding and Banquet Linen

Give your clients the banquet and wedding linen products they need to enjoy such momentous events!

Napkin Services

Napkin costs can add up, especially if you’re using quality napkins. Don’t let loss, damage, or stains affect your bottom line. Just use ours!

Floor Mats

Quality floor mats can be expensive and time-consuming to manage. Considering everything they do for your business, keeping them clean and in optimal condition is vital. Let us supply and take care of those floor mats for you. 

Towel, Apron & Mop Services 

When the towel supply gets low, things start to get hectic. Coast Linen Services will keep your towel supply well-stocked, your aprons fresh and clean, and your mops ready for anything. 

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