Linen and uniform service in Clifton, NJ is best when from experienced professionals. Bad and dirty linens can ruin business reputations. Don’t fall into that trap by way of splashy marketing gimmicks and a promise of ridiculously low prices! When it comes to Clifton, NJ restaurant linen service that meets the highest standards, trust only the provider with the track record to prove its reliability. Trust only Coast Linen!

Clifton Restaurant Linen and Uniform Service

Coast Linen is the Clifton, NJ restaurant linen service expert that has the best product selection and the best maintenance service your business deserves:


Table napkins are always a good idea. And the only thing better than that is table napkins from Coast Linen Services! Our selection comes with the assurance of excellent quality, superior cleanliness, and reliable supply deliveries for your convenience and satisfaction. Our napkins are available in a range of colors to suit your needs.

Chef Apparel 

As durable as they are comfortable, and high-quality across the board, Coast Linen has the best chef apparel selection for your restaurant. Contact us to check on availability!


Transform your tables from 0 to 100 with the right tablecloth selection from Coast Linen! Coast Linen brings you a range of colors and sizes to choose from, all in the same dependable, impressive quality Coast Linen is known for. With Coast Linen, you get the assurance of safe handling, clean results, and overall satisfaction.

Towels, Aprons, and Mops 

Coast Linen is your one-stop shop for all your restaurant textile supplies! We have a selection of high-quality towels and aprons to complete your inventory. We also have a mop rental service that can help ease the burden of floor care.

Floor Mats 

In the market for better, safer floor mats? Look no further than Coast Linen! We have custom floor mats and entrance mats to choose from. They are safe, high quality, and suitable for even your busiest service days.

Wedding and Banquet Linens

For occasions so special to so many different people, it’s important to get them right. That’s where Coast Linen’s high-quality products come in! We work closely with our clients to provide them exactly what they need for every wedding or banquet. 

Our Track Record Speaks for Us

Experts aren’t made overnight. Coast Linen proves that. We have seventy years of industry experience and countless happy, loyal customers that can speak for us. And it’s more than the quality of our product selection or excellent-quality equipment.

It’s not even our competence in textile care. Our edge has always been our commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s our reliability. It’s how we value our relationship with our clients. This, and our core values as a business, guide our drive to bring quality service and satisfaction with every delivery. All that satisfaction can be yours today.

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