If your restaurant is looking for linen services in Cherry Hill, you’ve found it with Coast Linen Services. 

For 70 years, we have specialized in providing wedding and banquet linen, chef uniforms, tablecloths, napkins, towels, aprons, mops, and floor mats for the restaurant industry. Coast Linen Services is experienced and prepared to meet your every need. Though we now serve a range of clients stretching from New Jersey to South Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York City, rest assured that your order will be as important as our first. 

With our experience in the linen and uniform industry, we know how vital having clean linens are to the day-to-day success of your business. We know that a late delivery means your tables can’t be filled, your employees can’t be readied, and your business suffers. Your success is our success, and we’ll do everything we can to help your business succeed. 

Coast Linen Has What You Need in Stock

Here’s what we have to offer your business:

Chef Apparel

Your kitchen staff needs the right tools to perform at their best. We provide ergonomic, comfortable, and easily washable material that is specifically tailored for their wearers.


Maintain a high-quality aesthetic with top-notch napkins! Coast Linen provides laundry services to maintain their visual appeal and cleanliness over long periods so you can wow every customer.


Coast Linen provides the decor your tables need to truly stand out in a crowded market. They serve as excellent tools to extend the life of your table and remove messes efficiently.

Towels, Aprons, and Mops

Maintaining cleanliness in your facility is no easy task, but Coast Linen has the products to make it far more manageable! We supply towels with durable, absorbent material that excel at cleaning any surface of piece of equipment in need of it. Our mops take care of the rest and ensure your floors are clean enough to avoid slip-and-fall accidents and degradation. To top it all off, we supply ergonomic aprons that keep your kitchen staff clean while they do what they do best.

Floor Mats

Our floor mats are your first line of defense against needing to use a mop at all! They keep the outside from building up on your floors and can be placed in any desirable area to maximize their effectiveness.

Wedding and Banquet Linen

For special occasions such as weddings and banquets, your guests expect the absolute best. Only Coast Linen can meet those expectations while delivering affordable and reliable solutions.

Our Legacy is Our Service

The Santonello family began Coast Linen Services in 1945 out of a garage. Through years of dedicated service to the community’s restaurants, bars, barbershops, and auto body shops, we’ve learned that the only way forward is with you, the customer. With that tenant guiding our practices and necessary for our success, you can rest easy knowing your linen and uniform needs are taken care of. 

Successful, long-term business only happens with a foundation of lasting partnerships. That is what we’ll strive to form with you. 

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If you want a steady, reliable, and experienced provider of linen and uniform services for your Cherry Hill restaurant, you don’t have to wander an ocean of uncertainty and poor service. Call Coast Linen Services today at 732-775-2000 and know that tomorrow’s linen and uniforms are on the way. 


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