Your Ocean City restaurant needs quality, reliable supplies to run efficiently. For top-notch chef uniforms, tablecloth rentals, napkin services, and floor mats in Ocean City turn to Coast Linen Services. With over 60 years in the business, Coast Linen Services knows exactly what your restaurant needs.

Here are just some of the services offered by us:  

Restaurant Uniform Services

No restaurant can look professional without professional-looking chefs. It also can’t offer the best food and experience unless its chefs are comfortable, clean, and safe. That’s exactly what Coast Linen’s high-quality uniform services offer.

Our chef uniforms are thoughtfully designed and professionally crafted. With a combination of convenience and comfort, our chef uniforms ensure a strong kitchen. 

Tablecloth Rentals

The quality and condition of your restaurant’s tablecloths say a lot about the restaurant’s operation and customer consideration. If diners are sat at a tablecloth that’s stained or damaged, they’ll think “what else could be wrong” with your establishment. To keep their first impressions positive, clean tablecloths are a must. 

Coast Linen Services has tablecloths in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures needed to match your restaurant’s aesthetic. We also know exactly how to care for and clean each tablecloth we rent out. That means you get a clean, safe tablecloth every time. 

Napkin Rentals

Even closer to the customer than tablecloths are napkins. If you’re providing your customers with quality, soft, absorbent napkins, they won’t have to worry about truly enjoying their meal. By having a reliable cloth napkin, every morsel can be enjoyed without them worrying about how to clean up afterward. That’s the kind of comfort you want to cultivate in your restaurant, and that’s the kind of comfort offered by Coast Linen Services. 

Floor Mats

Protect your floors from long-term damage with our line of sturdy floor mats! Their thick, durable bristles remove dirt and other contaminants from shoe soles and prevent them from spreading on your floors. They hold their ground against high traffic and extended use and are comfortable to boot!

Towels, Aprons, and Mops

Coast Linen has the best heavy-duty cleaning supplies in the industry! Our towels are perfect for cleaning any surface and will withstand messes for far longer than store-bought or disposable towels. With aprons this comfortable, your staff will barely notice they’re wearing them and remain clean while performing their tasks. Our mops are designed to take care of what our mats miss on the floors, saving you quite a bit of money from expensive floor repairs.

Wedding and Banquet Linen

Give your clients the wedding and banquet linen they need to enjoy their special occasions! Coast Linen’s products are thoroughly tested and exhaustively maintained to ensure they are in tip-top shape for whoever needs them.

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